Why the measures taken in Greece in favor of creditors are inapplicable


19 Φεβρουαρίου, 2012 | από Spyros Kagialedakis

by ● Spyros Kagialedakis

All recently demanded by the creditors and taken by the Greek government measures, are illegal, inapplicable and forfeiting for the creditors“ rights, because they transgress interdictory provisions of the Greek Constitution (jus cogens plusquam perfectae), the abdication of which is prohibited (Constitutional articles 106, par. 1-2, 120 par. 2-4, 82 par. 1, argument “a minori ad majus” on the basis of article 3 of the Greek Civil Code, etc).

They are also illegal and null and void on the basis of the incorporated and transformed law of the EU and as well as of the nomology of the EU Court, both of which recognize the equality of honors and privileges of all member-states “erga omnes”.

They are also illegal in the basis of the incorporated and transformed International Public Conventional Law and especially on the basis of Vienna“s Convention, that provides not only the terms and presuppositions for legal conventions, but also the obligation of every state to refuse payment of loans if there is a real danger for the state and its citizens and never be surrendered especially to individual creditors, hidden under void names (markets) and behind member-states of the EU, actually operating instead of the individuals, by which they are borrowing first and after that, lend others, earning benefit (the interests” difference).

The practice is punishable as a crime of high treason of EU and too many others before EU Court and ensures the rising of damages before not only Greek but also other courts.

On the basis of the foresaid all demanded and taken measures and the like that they keep planing now, are illegal, null and void, unfounded, inexistent, inapplicable, punishable and imprescriptible crimes of high treason (art. 106, par. 3 of the Greek Constitution), even if the Constitution will be intermediately and deceitfully revised.


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